Congratulations to Cobblestone Hotel & Suites on their victory as the 2017 Adopt-a-Lot Display repeat winner.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  Start preparing for next year.


Here is the vote tally of the Adopt-a-Lot Display Contest so far:

Adopt-a-Lot Vote Tally

This is the vote tally for the Adopt-a-Lot Displays that run along the west side of Market Street in Charlestown. These are updated once per day and posted by 8 A.M. Remember, only 5 votes per legitimate email address will be counted.
Adopt-a-Lot Business or GroupVotes
Voignier's Auto Air (Lot 1)99
Cobblestone Inn and Suites (Lot 2)448
ChildPlace (Lot 3)2
Rose Island Playhouse (Lot 4)1
Kiwanis and Lions of Charlestown (Lot 6)13
Charlestown Township Trustee (Lot 7)19
Barry D. Early Designs (Lot 8)107
River's Edge Towing (Lot 9)1
Field's Custom Cabinets (Lot 10)4
Parkside Trace Apartments (Lot 11)1
Wise Investment Auto Sales (Lot 12)1
State Farm - Dale Robinson (Lot 13)5
Pleasant Ridge Elementary School (Lot 14)8
Refuge Church (Lot 15)2
River's Edge Marina (Lot 16)2
Starlight Coffee Company (Lot 17)13
Sanger Lawn Care (Lot 19)1