The Charlestown Beautification Committee has been active since 2000.  Then newly elected Mayor Bob Hall and Clerk-Treasurer Donna Coomer tapped into a pent-up desire that Charlestown’s residents had to make their city look great.  The initial efforts saw huge turnouts by volunteers who edged the sidewalks along Market Street, reworked the islands in the middle of the street, planted flowers at Jennings Plaza (the city square) and in Greenway Park.  The local Carpenters Union pitched in to build the pavilion in Greenway Park.  The list goes on and on.  The transformation was absolutely amazing but it was only the beginning of what the Beautification Committee achieved.  Founders Day, a celebration that had existed decades earlier but had floundered for several years, was brought back in a big way.  It began in Greenway Park but over the years worked its way up to the City Square.  From just a few food vendors, a street dance, and some fun activities for the children it has grown to include two nights of outstanding musical entertainment, many local performers, a huge Fireworks display, a huge parade, and much more.  Founders Day is made possible not just by the hard work of the volunteers, however, but by the generous financial support of many sponsors.  Over the years there have been many and we are grateful for them all.  It takes much support to make the celebration happen and we have been fortunate in that regard.

2017 marks the 16th anniversary of Founders Day.  It will be on the City Square (Jennings Plaza) on Friday, 6/23 and Saturday, 6/24.   You can find Founders Day on Facebook here.

The Charlestown Beautification Committee is now a group of tenured, hard working volunteers who are committed to keeping Charlestown looking good and getting better.  We need your help, however.  Founders Day, alone, is a labor intensive undertaking and the other work we do throughout the year requires people, too.  Please consider joining the CBC to make it even stronger and Charlestown even more Beautiful.  You can find the CBC Group on Facebook here.

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